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Cypress Hill have announced that they’ll finally be making their orchestra mash-up joke from The Simpsons “a reality” after their popular cameo

In the 1996 Simpsons episode Homerpalooza, Homer took his family on a road trip to an alternative rock festival Hullabalooza in a bid to prove to his children, Bart and Lisa, that he was still the cool and in touch with popular culture. However, he soon embarrassed them when he became a sideshow who had cannonballs aimed at his stomach – before proving a hit with bands and festival-goers.

Among the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill made a cameo in the show, during which they joked about performing with a classical orchestra.

At one point, Homer and his family headed backstage when a roadie was looking to find out which of the acts on the bill had booked the London Symphony Orchestra. When no one replied, the man accused the rap group of ordering the orchestra while high, “Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction.”

“I think we did,” Cypress Hill replied. “Do you know ‘Insane in the Brain’?”

The rappers and the orchestra then collaborated for a mash-up of the song, to which Marge replied, “Now this, I like.”

After the episode aired 27 years ago, it became an ongoing joke outside the show that the group and orchestra could eventually team up to perform the classical version. Now, the band have announced that they “plan to make the gig with the London Symphony a reality” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1993 second album ‘Black Sunday’.

On Instagram, Cypress Hill replied to a reel of their guest star appearance on The Simpsons, revealing: “July in Denver with the Colorado symphony we are playing ‘Black Sunday’ in its entirety to celebrate its 30 [year] anniversary. After that we plan to make the gig with the London Symphony a reality. Salut to ‘The Simpsons’ for birthing the idea.”

The Simpsons has often been credited with predicting the future – including episodes that foresaw Donald Trump announcing his presidency, Disney buying 20th Century Fox, Siegfried and Roy being attacked by a tiger, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance, and most recently the outrage surrounding Michelangelo’s statue of David going on tour.

Last year, the iconic rappers released the documentary Cypress Hill: Insane In The Brain, which explored the group’s long-lasting influence on hip-hop and culture.

Meanwhile, fans of The Simpsons recently called out a plot inconsistency following the return of character Jacques in the show’s 34th season – who previously tried to start an affair with Marge back in season one episode Life On The Fast Lane.

In the new episode, Homer had no knowledge of Marge and Jacques’ history. This, however, goes against events in season six episode Another Simpsons Clip Show, where Homer was informed of the almost-affair when Marge retold the incident.