Cypress Hill were the first band to take hip-hop to truly colossal, multi-platinum mainstream success. For many people, B-Real’s nasal delivery is the one they associate with the band, but co-MC Sen Dog’s harder pneumatic rapping has always provided a vital counterpoint, even when it wasn’t centre-stage. So too did his powerful style also lend itself readily to metal, hardcore and rap-rock crossovers: first in collaboration with established acts like Biohazard and Hed PE and then with his own bands SX-10 and Powerflo.

With Cypress Hill’s 10th album Back In Black out now and Powerflo’s long-awaited second full-length also due later this year, Sen Dog – real name Senen Reyes – is showing no sign of slowing down just yet.

Here, he takes us through 10 tracks that have charted his rise as a hip-hop icon and crossover rap-metal star…

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