via Hip Hop DX

B-Real and his Dr. Greenthumb’s Marijuana Dispensaries have officially partnered with the vape company Grenco Science. The Cypress Hill MC will act as both a brand ambassador for the company and a collaborator on forthcoming cannabis vape products.

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship, and to partner with B-Real in an official capacity now is an honor,” Grenco Science CEO/Founder Chris Folkerts said in a press release. “B-Real has been a cultural force in both music and cannabis, and together with Grenco Science we are reinventing the cannabis experience for our customers who have come to expect quality and innovation like only Grenco Science can provide.”

The partnership also includes Grenco creating “custom build-outs” featuring their G Pen vaporizers within B-Real’s California-based marijuana dispensaries.

“G Pen and I have always been mutually supportive of one another throughout the years,” B-Real said in a statement. “Our partnership feels like a natural next step as we continue to move the industry forward. It’s always been important to align with those who have been at the forefront of the cannabis industry and continue to create quality, top of the line products that have the consumers best interest at heart.”

In announcing the partnership on Instagram, B-Real noted his followers should “stay tuned” for G Pen collaborations “dropping soon.”