Via Rolling Stone:

Cypress Hill performed “Crazy” and “Band of Gypsies,” two tracks from their acid-soaked, psychedelic ninth LP, Elephants on Acid, on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The hip-hop group – including newly recruited turntablist and former Beastie Boys member Mix Master Mike – kept things simple onstage, with emcees B-Real and Sen-Dog bouncing around while percussionist Bobo pounded out simple beats in the background. Both songs fit into their druggy aesthetic, full of stoner-friendly rhymes.

“Up all night on this road/Feels like my head is gonna explode/Vision all fucked up, man, I’m gone/Dead in the middle of the twilight zone/Losin’ my mind, so high, no lie,” B-Real rapped on “Crazy” over murky guitar riffs and scratches. On “Band of Gypsies,” laced with Egyptian chants and droning electric guitars, he proclaimed, “You’re lookin’ at the last of a dyin’ breed/ Weeded up, please, speed it up/Sittin’ in the Cali sun heated up/Inked arm needled up/Rocket style, Don Cheadle’d up/I put the fear of God in people, what.”