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    Just back from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Cypress Hill was definately the highlight of the night. Front and centre for entire show, too bad the VIP Meet and Greet was only a photo with the band, no chit chat, cus I had things to say even it was only for a couple minutes. Fuck you Redman ( ha ha had to be there) and Method Man. I'll be checking out some more of Berner and Snoop was a legend...

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    Anybody hear B Real on Jason Ellis? New Prophets of Rage coming soon! New gold, white gold phunky feel tips comin!!!!!

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    White Widow has always been a favorite. Any OG Kush also. You can tell when its the real deal. I know alot of people are on the Cookies too. Shit who am I kidding blaze just about anything.

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    A mi el de b real ft. Snoop dogg-vato!!

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    Insano marijuano!!! Legalize it!!! Kus h kush kush kush kush kush kush kush kush kush kush kush!!! X

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    Whats up people, tell us what is you favourite Cypress Hill's album and why? Peace!

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    Here you can post pics about Mister Cartoon Doctor Green Thumb 61 Impala lowrider etc..

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    Insano marijuano relajado con las rolas de cypress hill y tu?

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    Keep that kush burning

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    This is my blog. there are many like it, but this one is mine